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Swim Meet 101


  • Safety at swim meets is our top priority. It is imperative that parents supervise their children and remind them that the pool is closed during the swim meet. Please stay behind the yellow rope. No filling up water squirters, no feet in the pool, no throwing balls over the water, no playing on the steps, etc. Also, please stay in your designated age group area!
  • Keep a close eye on your kids and remember that it is not the coaches’ or kid pushers’ responsibility to watch your children.
  • Be respectful of other team’s pools, leave it cleaner than you found it, and stay in the areas that we are allowed in. We are representing Wellsley, so let’s maintain a good reputation.
  • Finally, exhibit good sportsmanship by cheering for your teammates while being respectful of the other team!

Important reminders for HOME meets

Parking: As a courtesy to the guests, please DO NOT park in our parking lot. Park on Widdington or nearby streets (please pay attention to the signs. There is only parking on one side of Southwold to allow cars to pass by). Thanks!

Arrival: The home team arrives at 4:45 p.m. as we warm up first at 5 p.m. Please have your child onsite at 4:45 to get their numbers, info on which swim strokes they are swimming, and for warm-up laps. Please do not come late as the swimmers will not have a chance to warm up!

What to bring and reminders: A chair for parents to sit in, towel for the kids to sit on, extra towels, sunscreen, goggles/caps, water, snacks (concessions are available), and activities to keep your swimmer occupied between events. When swimmers aren't lined up for their turn to swim, they NEED to stay in their designated area with their kid pusher(s). No running around on the pool deck, please. Children are not allowed in the pool at all unless they are warming up, so please stay behind the yellow rope. Parents, please help us with this! Reminder: absolutely no alchohol is allowed at TSA meets.

Important reminders for AWAY meets

You will receive instructions for away meets via email a day prior to the meet. Arrival times are usually 5-1:15, with warm up at 5:30, and the meet begins at 6 pm . 

Meet Attendance and Relays

Mark your meet attendance by 9 pm the Sunday before the upcoming meet (you will be notified of exceptions). Coaches need to make the lineup in advance, and it is difficult to make changes.

Please carefully select your child’s relay options. There are 4 options in the drop-down menu: available for all relays, no early relays, no late relays, and no relays.

It is very important that you select the right option, as children will be placed in relays accordingly. Medley relays are the first event. Free relays are the last event and may run late into the evening. If your swimmer is entered in a relay and leaves early, the entire relay cannot swim!

Order of Events

The events at a swim meet occur in the following order. Boys always swim first, followed by girls. The main event is the first race in each event and is the one that scores points for each team. This is typically where you see your fastest swimmers, and other heats follow. Heat ribbons are given for subsequent heats of all 10 and under races. Main heat ribbons are provided for main heats only, a few days after the swim meet.

Order of Events

8 & Under 100 yard Medley Relay 

9 &10 100 yard Medley Relay 

11 & 12 200 yard Medley Relay

13 & 14 200 yard Medley Relay 

15 & up 200 yard Medley Relay 

6 & under 15 yard freestyle

7 & 8 25 yard freestyle

9 & 10 25 yard freestyle

11 & 12 50 yard freestyle

13 & 14 50 yard freestyle

15 & up 50 yard freestyle

6 & under 15 yard backstroke

7 & 8 25 yard backstroke

9 & 10 25 yard backstroke

11 & 12 50 yard backstroke

13 & 14 50 yard backstroke

15 & up 50 yard backstroke

6 & under 15 yard breaststroke

7 & 8 25 yard breaststroke

9 & 10 25 yard breaststroke

11 & 12 50 yard breaststroke

13 & 14 50 yard breaststroke

15 & up 50 yard breaststroke

PARENT/COACH RELAY (depends on the meet and participation)

7 & 8 25 yard butterfly

9 & 10 25 yard butterfly

11 & 12 50 yard butterfly

13 & 14 50 yard butterfly

15 & up 50 yard butterfly

8 & Under 100 yard Freestyle Relay

9 &10 100 yard Freestyle Relay

11 & 12 200 yard Freestyle Relay

13 & 14 200 yard Freestyle Relay

15 & up 200 yard Freestyle Relay

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