Welcome to all visiting teams!

Here are the directions to our pool. And here is a Google map pin-pointing our pool's address.

The Wellsley Community welcomes you to our pool and we hope that you have a good time during your visit. A few things below to know about your swim team’s visit to our community.

The pool parking lot is reserved for the visiting team. Once that fills up, there is plenty of available parking on the streets. To enable Cary Fire Dept trucks to pass, parking on side streets is limited to one side only. Signs will be posted on streets nearest the pool. It is ok to park on both sides of Widdington Drive only (the wider, entrance street).

Tailgating, Camping, Hanging Out
The Wellsley Pool deck is not spacious enough for all the families in addition to the swimmers and workers. Therefore, we close half the parking lot during swim meets, and use it for tailgating by families and fans for both teams. It is mostly shaded, unlike the pool deck, so it’s a great place to set up your chairs and hang out during swim meets. Swimmers and kid pushers may find a place for themselves on the pool deck or choose to camp out in the parking lot.

The concession stand on the pool deck sells:

  • grilled burgers and hotdogs, and sometimes brats or sausages

  • Chick fil’ A sandwiches

  • pizza

  • a variety of candy

  • soda cans, Gatorades, bottled waters

  • homemade goods like cookies and brownies

  • Other foods or drinks may be offered on occasion, e,g, fresh fruit / watermelon slices

Weather Policy
We encourage all swim team leaders to carefully read the Inclement Weather Policy. We all take the prospects of inclement weather seriously. Being aware of the policy can aid in evacuating the deck upon notification. Of particular note is the necessity for everyone to have a safe place (car or home) to go to, should the weather turn ugly and require evacuation of the pool deck for a while. Please pre-arrange for a safe haven in your neighbor's car if you or your children attend without your own car.