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Frequently Asked Questions


Do swimmers swim all 4 strokes and 2 relays at a meet?

Our policy is for the kids to swim 3 individual events (or only 2 for the 6&Unders). However, there is a chance that the kids could swim all strokes when representatives from both teams agree in advance; this can happen when the meet is expected to go more quickly than usual because of various reasons - such as swimming in a pool with 8 or 10 lanes, or when there is a small number of swimmers for one or both teams.

Relays are assigned by the Head Coaches. In some age groups with more than 12 swimmers, there are not enough lanes for all swimmers to swim in the relays. In many age groups, there are not even multiples of 4 swimmers. Over the course of the season, the coaches make an attempt to give all swimmers chances to swim in relays.

If a swimmer cannot make it to a time trial before the first meet, what happens?

These swimmers will be placed in last heats of their first meet, without any times. However, the times from the meet will then be used for future placement in events. It is also possible to time some swimmers individually during the last week of pre-season practices – if we have enough time and enough coaches available.

Who will assign swimmers the strokes they will swim at a meet?

The head coaches decide, with input from the assistant coaches and the swimmers. Especially at the early meets, we may let the kids pick the ones that they most want to swim because we haven’t been practicing long enough and want the kids to swim the strokes that they feel most comfortable in. By the end of the year, we will be assigning the kids the strokes we feel will allow them to get best times and the ones that will show their improvement.

Will swimmers be notified if their swim is disqualified during a meet?

The official disqualifications are not available until the following day. Our Head Coaches prefer the swimmers come see them immediately after they swim a race for feedback, where they can point out any problems observed. Much of the feedback your child will receive will depend on your child following this policy; many kids choose not to check in with the coaches after they race. Also, there are times that a coach will not be able to see every kid swim: either because of other duties that require immediate attention or too many of our swimmers in the same heat. They do their best to watch every kid swim every race though.

Is practice attendance kept?

This depends on the individual coach and the age group and the swimmers’ general behaviors and attendance trends.

Do coaches want to be notified if a child will miss practice?

This boils down to common courtesy. The coaches do not need to know if your child will miss one day, but if you are going on vacation or the child is attending a camp or attending evening practice for a week when he/she usually attends the morning, we would appreciate knowing this. Big changes could affect how practice is run if enough kids have changes.

Why does it seem like the kids are worked so hard?

This sometimes seems to be the case in some age groups. We try to work the kids hard to get the best out of them. We try to make the swim team fun for them, but in order for them to improve, they must work hard –mentally and physically. The coaches are using their expertise to observe carefully and to avoid working them harder than what they can handle. When they are pushed a bit out of their comfort zone, the biggest improvements are made. Along with the physical improvement, the kids will feel very proud of themselves after they see the success from this hard work.

Do swimmers need to be Wellsley Residents?

Yes, the swim team is only open to children who are residents of the Wellsley Community.

Where can I get swim lessons for my child?


What are some of the year-round swim teams?


Where can I get prescription swim goggles?

One option is to check out this web site: aquagoggles.com

What are the links for other associated organizations?

  • Tarheel Swim Association , better known as TSA, is the member organization for our neighborhood swim team. Visit the website to find information and forms about TSA and all it's member swim teams, summer schedules, standings, and more. One of the goals of TSA is to encourage kids to swim year-round; listed above are some of the year-round swim clubs in our area. Click here to see the TSA summer swim teams schedules for meets and also for clinics (required for some key swim meet positions).
  • Wellsley Homeowners Association
  • Wellsley HOA Pool Committee external website - This page lists the Wellsley neighborhood pool committee members along with the contact information for an external organization (our pool management company, contracted by the Home Owners Association) that hires the lifeguards and maintains the Wellsley neighborhood pool.
  • Swim Club Management Group, Inc. - Raleigh 919.589.2525. 2016-Present.
  • Pool Professionals Inc. 919.787.7878. Managed our pool from 2011-2015.
  • Carolina Pool Management (CPM) managed our pool prior to 2011.
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