Social Events

Keep a look out on the newsletter and team calendar for upcoming events!

Here are some events that we have hosted in the past:

S’mores & More

A Registration kick-off event open to all Wellsley residents.  Sit by the Fire Pit and warm-up your marshmallows…and your hands!  Hot Cocoa works too!

Ice Cream Social

Start the season with the coaches! Coaches dish out ice cream to all the swim team members, with toppings galore!

Boy/Girl Meet

This famous event pairs-up Boys vs. Girls in small competitions held around the pool deck and in the pool. Winner gets to brag AND gets the trophy to show off in their bathroom. Maybe we'll see something NEW at this year's competition! And don't forget the free donuts!

Movie Nights

The Swim Team sponsors Movie Nights throughout the year. They are offered to different age groups and start at the pool at dusk (approximately 8:30). Open to all Wellsley Residents!

Pasta Parties

Mostly for the older swimmers. Hosted by parents or held on the pool deck after evening practice.

Pizza Lunches

For all swimmers, sometimes on Tuesdays before the meets.

Chick Fil-A Run!

The entire herd makes cow costumes and mosies over to the restaurant to get free breakfast! If you have never done this, it is a MOOving experience!

4th of July Party

This is a neighborhood party held every year! Fun for all ages, young and old!

Cary City Meet

This is a social event as well as a competitive event! All swimmers are encouraged to sign-up for the Cary City Meet.