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Volunteer Positions

Our success over the years is directly related to the vast amount of volunteer help from parents and others willing to contribute their time to the team. As you can see below, many people are needed each year to make it all work – during swim meets (especially home meets) as well as organizing fun events or just keeping things running. There are many type of needs described below, so certainly there is a place where you can help!

Meet Vounteer Roles:

Announcer (Home meets only)

During home meets, the Announcer helps setup the announcing equipment and area prior to the meet. The Announcer announces each heat to keep everyone up to date with the meet’s progress including periodically sharing the meet score. The Announcer also shares other important information such as informing people of food deliveries, weather reports, and evacuations among other things. Home meets only.


The Clerk-of-Course is assigned to the swim lane starting area and is responsible for organizing swimmers for each heat. The Clerk ensures each swimmer is places in the appropriate lane according to the line-up. The Line-up is prepared in advance by the swim team coaches. It is ideal to have 2 Clerks share responsibilities for each meet. This is to make sure there is proper coverage and plenty of opportunities to take breaks during meets.

Concession Stand Associates (Home meets only)

If you like helping and socializing at the same time, this one may be for you. Lots of help is needed at the concession stand during home meets. Working together, associates help setup, run, and break down the concession stand. Running the concession stand may involve taking and fulfilling orders, exchanging cash for goods, or making runs to fill up on inventory. Home meets only.


Perhaps the most important of all volunteers are the timers. Two people are assigned per lane, for half the lanes (the ones with our own team swimmers). One person runs the Dolphin timer and the other person uses a stopwatch as a backup. The second person also records the times on a pre-printed numbered roster. You don't need to know all the kids' names (although you will learn them), because you will use the numbers on their legs and arms for recording their times! This position offers a great opportunity to be close to the finish line, and to chat with a neighbor.

IT Administrator

Performs website and Swimtopia administration, including new season setup on the website, assist with website usage, and works directly with the swim team board when needed.

Kid Pusher

Perhaps the most important of all volunteers are the Kid Pushers. Each age group is assigned a seating area on or around the pool deck. Pushers supervise the age group to which they are assigned, line up the kids using the Meet Sheets provided, and lead them to the Clerk-Of-Course in time for their races. One or two Kid Pushers are needed for each of the following groups:

  • 6 & Under Boys
  • 6 & Under Girls
  • 7-8 Boys
  • 7-8 Girls
  • 9-10 Boys
  • 9-10 Girls
  • 11-12 Boys
  • 11-12 Girls

Kid Pusher Lead

The Lead provides the Meet Sheets and markers (after the coaches create the lineups) to the Kid Pushers, coordinates swimmer lineup changes with the coaches when there are no-shows, and answers questions and supports the Kid Pushers. (More details below.)

Meet Administrator

This person will be responsible for data entry during the meet and will sit at the table over by the concession stand. They are responsible for recording any disqualifications and making any lane corrections in Meet Maestro, the software that TSA uses to track times and scores. The swim team will provide a device, however you can bring your own if you would prefer.

Meet Set-up and Clean-up Help

For home meets, the team needs help putting up tents, arranging chairs and tables, putting up separation ropes, and other routine setup. At the end of the meet, the team needs help breaking down tents, re-arranging chairs and tables, taking down separation ropes, sweeping, and other routine clean-up. 1 person is needed for each home meet. Home meets only.

Stroke-and-Turn Judge

This individual observes the turns made by all the swimmers looking for disqualifying movements and motions. This is a technical position. It requires training prior to the beginning of the season. If you are interested in being a Stroke-and-Turn Judge, please notify the meet director for appropriate training.

Place Judge

Attention to detail is a must. Place Judges are located at the finish line with Recorders. Each judge is provided a stopwatch to time the swimmers in the lane they are assigned. The judge notes the time for the Recorder to record the times on the Event Sheets. A minimum of 3 Place Judges are needed for each meet, but to ensure coverage and provide break opportunities, it is ideal to have more.

Personal Best Timer

Two people are assigned per lane, for half the lanes (the ones with our own team swimmers). Run stopwatches for all the races and record the times on a pre-printed numbered roster. You don't need to know all the kids' names (although you will learn them), because you will use the numbers on their legs and arms for recording their times! This position offers a great opportunity to be close to the finish line, and to chat with a neighbor.


Wear comfortable shoes! This job requires someone willing to stay on the move. Runners take the Event Sheets from the Recorders, and Disqualifying Sheets from the Stroke-and-Turn judges and delivers them to the Scorer’s Table. 2 runners are needed for each meet.


During home meets, the Starter is positioned at the starting line and is responsible for the start of each race. A delicate balance is needed for this role. The Starter is responsible for making sure all the swimmers are ready for the start, but keeping the meet moving along so that swimmers are not waiting too long on the starting blocks! 1 person can do the job, and it's ideal to have a backup at each meet.

Home meets only.

Other Positions:
Ribbon Coordinator

The Ribbon Coordinator orders 1st-6th place ribbons and participation ribbons for our three home meets, in addition to Personal Best ribbons for our swimmers. This involves taking an inventory of ribbons at the end of season, projecting needs for the next season, and placing an order by February for the upcoming season. The RC also prepares the labels for the ribbons. The ribbons are typically ready within 2 days following a home meet. At the end of the season, the ribbon coordinator collects and stores all ribbons to inventory and prepare for the following season.


A better title might be The Catcher of Memories! Anyone can help with capturing photos for the team, but it’s the Photographer’s job to get wide coverage – swimmer close-ups, group pictures, and everything in between. The Photographer then uploads the photos so that they can be shared on wellsleywave.com as well as compiled for the year-end party. The photographer uses the photographs they take to make the slide show that is presented at the awards banquet.

Cary City Meet Coordinator

Facilitate Wellsley's participation in the Cary City Invitational Swim Meet in July. Planning begins prior to the start of the season, and this person assists the coaches in planning this fun-filled event. Among their responsibilities are: adding the event to the team calendar, working with the TSA rep to help fill our team's meet volunteer roles, coordinating volunteers for setup and cleanup, and communicating event details with parents. 

Detailed Description of Volunteer Roles

Below are links to descriptions of the most complicated Meet Positions as well as some key off-deck roles (outside of a meet) which are critical to team operations. After being on the team for a couple of years, we recommend everyone become an integral part of the team by getting involved with one of these activities or a committee role - and feel great as you make a difference! Note: All the fun events are arranged by the parent volunteers along with the coaches.

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