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New Swimmers

If you are new to the team and looking to get started, welcome! Below are some links to help get you started:

  • New to Swim team? - This should help answer many of your initial questions

  • FAQ - Answers to some more involved questions

  • Registration - Get more details about registration and enter the registration system here. Registration starts in March.

  • Newsletter - Once you subscribe to the newsletter, you'll receive Wellsley Wave news directly to your email prior to registration (notifying you to register) and throughout the season.

  • TeamSnap - Once you subscribe to TeamSnap, you'll receive email/text notifications during the season for coach's updates, cancellations, and more.

  • Calendar - Check here for important dates and if you use Google you can import this calendar into your own Google calendar.​



Our success over the years is directly related to the vast amount of volunteer help from parents and others willing to devote their time to help with the swim season. Take a look at the full list of volunteer positions for more details. As you can see, it takes quite a few volunteers each year to make it all work – during swim meets (especially home meets) as well as organizing fun events or just keeping things running. There are many volunteers needed and plenty of room for you to help!



If you're interested in joining as a coach for the Wellsley Wave, applications are available upon request. Please contact us for more information. The hiring committee will also solicit applications each year; watch for an announcement on the website or via the newsletter. While there is no formal policy with regard to hiring, the hiring committee utilizes prior performance reviews (as interns or assistant coaches for Wellsley Wave), as well as an interview process, prior to hiring.