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Team Awards

Here is the list of awards that are typically awarded each year at the conclusion of the season.

Trophies and Medals

All swim team participants receive an achievement award. All 10 & Unders receive a trophy, and all 11 & Ups receive a medal. Bigger trophies are awarded to those who have been team members for multiples of 5 years.

High Point Awards

These are awarded to the boy and girl in each age group who has accumulated the most points for the team in all swim meets over the entire season. It depends on many factors, including meet lineup race assignments, the opposing teams' competitors in the various race events, family vacations, and the weather. This is similar to a Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

Raging Waves

Every swimmer is eligible to win the Raging Wave Award. These are given to swimmers in most age groups - although they are usually not given to first-year swimmers. Being a fast swimmer is NOT a requirement for this award. These are awarded to those special children who demonstrate positive characteristics and personal growth in several areas including team spirit, friendliness, helpfulness, and maturity. They are the true strength of the team!

Coach's Award

Think of it as a super Raging Wave. The winner will have caught the eye of the coaches, having demonstrated all the quality characteristics of an ideal team member - all those behaviors and attitudes that make coaches and parents proud, as well as gain them plenty of respect and friends!

Rebecca Bodart Wellsley Wave Annual Scholarship Award

This annual scholarship is awarded to one (or more) graduating high school senior of the swim team in appreciation for their hard work and excellence.

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