Swimmer Registration

TSA Swim Team Manager is used for swimmer registration and to access volunteer roles.

Swimmers can be registered for the upcoming season anytime after March 1st. Prior to registering, please ensure that you've read the sections below to get an understanding of registration details prior to entering the system.

Fees and Discounts

Register from March 1st - March 31st

$ 99 / swimmer *

Register April 1st and later

$109 / swimmer *

Note for 2020: registration will remain $99 after April 1st due to COVID-19 uncertainty.

Concession Fee

$20 / family

* There is an additional $10 discount for 3rd (and additional) swimmers in a family.

Please keep in mind that the $10 discount for registering in March is based on when the payment is received. If paying by cash or check please ensure your payment is received before April 1st.

The $20 charge per family covers concession costs. We've found this approach to be easier as opposed to asking families to bring drinks and candy to each home meet. This fee will be added as a miscellaneous fee to the final total cost of registration.


All swimmers registered by April 30th will receive a free team t-shirt! In step 2 of the registration wizard you will have the opportunity to select t-shirt sizes.

Families can order extra shirts for parents and siblings until April 30th during registration. In step 5 of the registration wizard you'll have the opportunity to purchase additional t-shirts.

Payment Methods

PayPal  Using PayPal allows families to complete the entire registration process online.  Please be aware that PayPal levies a 3% service fee.  So as to defer the costs for the swim team, this fee will be incurred by the registrants.

Cash/Check  You can also pay by cash or check. If paying by cash, please hand-deliver any cash payments. Checks should be made payable to Wellsley Wave Booster Club, and dropped off at 101 Sherringham Ct. (Marni Thomas). There is a box on her porch labeled "Swim Team". If dropping off a check for registration please put it in this box instead of the mailbox. Registration is not complete until your payment is received.

To confirm that your payment was received, you can log into your account, click on "registration summary" to the left, and it would show your balance as "paid." Please allow at least 2-3 business days for confirmation.

Volunteer Selections

To complete registration you will need to select all possible meets that you will be available to volunteer.  You are only required to volunteer at 3 meets, however for scheduling purposes we ask that you please provide all possible meets that you are available to volunteer.  Note that all families, including those families on the board, are required to volunteer at 3 meets. The only board role that is also a meet volunteer position is Meet Director.  Take a look to learn more about the volunteer positions that must be filled each season/meet. You'll notice that it takes quite a few volunteers to have a successful season. Thank you in advance for your help!

The registration wizard will allow you to select all possible dates that you are available to volunteer. You may modify your preferences any time until the assignments are set in late May or early June. The Meet Directory will make the season assignments, doing their best to balance everyone's choices with the available roles. Once assignments are made, everyone will receive an email announcement.

Post-Registration Volunteer Notes

Once the volunteer assignments have completed, you'll be able log in, click on the Volunteer tab, and see the volunteer assignments. At this point, you can claim new roles and request replacements, too. If you come across scheduling conflicts, please find a replacement by using the swap feature or finding a replacement (a TeamSnap message may be useful).  Please do not contact the meet director or lead volunteer to ask them to find a replacement for you.

Please refer to our Policies page if you feel that you are unable to fulfill your volunteer commitments.

Our success is directly related to our volunteers!  Thank you for contributing your time to the Wellsley Wave!


If you choose to withdraw a swimmer after your payment has been submitted, and if there is still time to request a refund (prior to first swim meet), you can send a message to the Registration Coordinator with your name, address, and swimmer's name.

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